December 16, 2013

We Won "Best Blog About Beirut", Thanks to YOU!

We just won the Best Blog About Beirut! This is the indeed the best Christmas gift one could ask for. I'm overwhelmed with joy - knowing that people out there love, read and have voted for NGNO as the Best Blog About Beirut in a people's choice award on Time Out's Beirut's Best of 2013. It truly means the world to me. You can't imagine how emotional I got when "nogarlicnoonions" was called out as the winner. I thank you, each and every one of you who took the time to vote for NGNO. I can't thank you enough... Time_Out_Beirut_Best_2013_Awards17 Without your on going support, messages and feedback we would not have reached where we are today. Time_Out_Beirut_Best_2013_Awards18   A new year is around the corner and with it comes bigger plans and more surprises and this award gives me that extra boost. 2014 is going to be an outstanding year... Congratulations to all the nominees and all the winners in different categories. Thank you Time Out Beirut for this wonderful opportunity…. Keep up the great work. Time_Out_Beirut_Best_2013_Awards33 The finalists: BEST ART SPACE: Beirut Art Center (WINNER) Artlab (3rd) Beirut Exhibition Center (2nd) BEST GYM: Fitness Zone (WINNER) Senses Spa (3rd) Lifestyles Gym (2nd) BEST COFFEE SHOP: Urbanista (2nd) Dunkin' Donuts (WINNER) CAFE DIEM (3rd) BEST BLOG: BlogBaladi (3rd) Gino's Blog (2nd) NoGarlicNoOnions (WINNER) BEST SHOPPING MALL: Beirut City Centre (2nd) ABC Lebanon Ashrafieh (WINNER) Beirut Souks (3rd) BEST CINEMA THEATRE: VOX Cinemas (WINNER) Grand Cinemas Lebanon (2nd) Cinemacity Beirut (3rd) BEST NIGHTLIFE STREET: #UruguayStreet (WINNER) #MarMikhaelStreet (2nd) #HamraStreet (3rd) BEST SUPER STORE: TSC Lebanon Signature (2nd) Spinneys - Lebanon (WINNER) Carrefour Lebanon (3rd) BEST FAMILY SPACE: KidzMondo (WINNER) Talent Square Edutainment Studio for Children and Teens by Scenez Group (3rd) Ceramics N more Beirut (2nd) BEST GREEN INITIATIVE: Beirut Green Project (WINNER) Deghri Messengers  (3rd) Zero Waste ACT (2nd) BEST RADIO STATION: Virgin Radio Lebanon (WINNER) Light FM Lebanon (3rd) Radio One Lebanon (2nd) Winners:
  • Best Art Space: Beirut Art Center
  • Best Gym: Fitness Zone
  • Best Coffee Spot: Dunkin' Donuts
  • Best Blog About Beirut: NoGarlicNoOnions
  • Best Cinema: Vox Cinemas
  • Best Nightlife Street: Uruguay Street
  • Best Super Store: Spinneys
  • Best Family Hangout: KidzMondo
  • Best Green Initiative: Beirut Green Project
  • Best Drive Time Radio: Virgin Radio
Official Sponsors:
  • VOX Cinemas
  • Laugh a Minute Photography
  • TW Steel Watches
  • Walkabout Drum Circle
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