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Zekrayat Beirut: Souk el Akel Remembers the Icons of Lebanon's Capital
Mar 13, 2018

Beirut ya Beirut Sunday, March 18th A beautiful day of amazing things! Meet iconic people: Diwan Ammar  - Antiques Hilwayat al Daouk - Sweets Hilwayat…


Zekrayat Beirut: Souk el Akel Remembers the Icons of Lebanon's Capital

Baskinta Apple Festival: Souk el Akel and Much More...


October 10, 2017 | News

Organised for the first time to support the local apple crises and bring life to the village of Baskinta after the summer ended, the first Baskinta Apple Festival will be…

Shopping in Rome: Castel Romano Designer Outlet


August 15, 2017 | Shopping Mall | Italy

After discovering La Vallee Village in Paris... My favorite shopping address in Rome is called "Castel Romano Designer Outlet". It's where you can find your favourite designer brands from 30% to 70%…

مشوار في قرى لبنان

Mechwar Videos

August 07, 2017 | Travel | Middle East

Mechwar is a popular television segment on national television, and the country's only positive show showing the real Lebanon. Mechwar takes the form of a 20-minute report that takes…

Lebanon's Best Food Spotted: 17 Cities, 24 Treasures!


April 10, 2017 | Recommended | Middle East

This is a story of a country told through its magnificent food. It's a land called Lebanon where food plays a major role in uniting its citizens. For hundreds of years, traditional specialities have…

Mechwar to the Village of Hakel el Azimeh

Mechwar Videos

February 05, 2017 | Lebanon

Hakel el Azimeh, a village in Dinniyeh (known also as Addinniyeh, Al Dinniyeh, Al Danniyeh, Arabic: الضنية‎‎) is a region located…

La Vallée Village: I Love it Here


November 21, 2016 | France

When I come here, I always feel mesmerized... Although I have been here several times, but every time feels like the first. The enthusiasm, the excitement and the experience is amazing. …

Toto Dbayeh: Trendy, Noisy, Slow, Chaotic Yet Delicious Italian!


November 15, 2016 | Pizza | Mount Lebanon

Let me tell you a little secret... this is actually my first time at The Village Dbayeh, where a cluster of restaurants and pubs are hosted, and Toto is one of them. I like Toto after trying the one…

Contact Info: Toto Dbayeh

Phone Number: +961 3 482349

Address: The Village Dbayeh, Restaurant Area, Old Road, Dbayeh, Metn, Lebanon [ view ]

Phone Number: +961 3 482349

Address: The Village Dbayeh, Restaurant Area, Old Road, Dbayeh, Metn, Lebanon [ view ]

The Village Batroun is Now Open


August 31, 2016 | Street Food | North Lebanon

It is a nice place… The Village Batroun is a colorful village made of wooden boxes, a handful of restaurants offering various cuisines from around the world. Wagon, Crumb, Lord of the Wings,…

The Ramadan Special Edition: The 17th Box Delivered


July 06, 2016 | The Box

Happy Ramadan everyone. By now you're hopefully enjoying some of the Box's unique treats delivered to you today. We seriously don't need a special occasion to make The BOX a real treat every…

Zgharta: The Village of Happiness!

Mechwar Videos

May 15, 2016 | Travel | Lebanon

On the day we visited Zgharta, I was surely not walking... Flying from happiness and excitement, a large smile wouldn't leave my face for a minute. On this day I discovered a beautiful village…

The Box of May: The 15th Box has Been Delivered!


May 04, 2016 | Popular

Forget the gloomy weather this morning, we're in a full summery mood today... to top the thrill of the season further you've finally received this month's BOX. The anticipation of the first Wednesday…

Angela: It's More than Croissant!

Breakfast and Coffee

May 03, 2016 | Recommended | Lebanon

In Zgharta "The French Croissant" has one address: Angela... And when you taste it you'll be coming all the way from the four corners of Lebanon for it.   Visiting Zgharta during a Mechwar…

Zouk Mikael: A City of Peace

Mechwar Videos

February 18, 2016 | Travel | Lebanon

Zouk Mikael (زوق مكايل‎) is a town and municipality in the Keserwan District of the Mount Lebanon Governorate in Lebanon. It is located 14 kilometers north of Beirut. Zouk Mikael's average…

The Village Dbayeh: The First Pictures


November 22, 2015 | Mount Lebanon

The Village Dbayeh is now open.  Check out some photos of the projects while I visit for detailed reviews. 190 Urban Sushi: 71 90 01 90 BistroBar: 70 28 82 11 Bodo: 03 23 42 69 Faze II:…

Beauty has a Name: Lebanon... Definitely Lebanon

Mechwar Videos

July 30, 2015 | Popular | Middle East

Beauty has a name: Lebanon... Definitely Lebanon This is the Lebanon locals want to share with the world... You've seen the international news reports. You've heard the talks. But Lebanon is much…

Makhzoumi Foundation: The Ramadan Village


July 25, 2015 | Lebanon

The Ramadan Village, a project hosted by the Makhzoumi Foundation, provides hot meals to families in need throughout the holy month. Bringing together over 200 volunteers from across Lebanon, the…

The July BOX is Out: Discover its Mouthwatering Content


July 02, 2015 | The Box | Middle East

The 4th Edition of The Box is out there... and with the box comes more than 15 items carefully handpicked for your ultimate pleasure - your special invitation to travel with me around the hidden…

Lekmeh Zghertewiyeh: Authenticity in Zghorta has an Address

Lebanese/Middle Eastern

May 16, 2015 | Restaurants | Lebanon

Famous all over the world, Zghorta is known for its goat meat, amazing Arak and the Kebbeh bakeries only found in this village. I'd wanted to visit for so long and here I was not to shoot an episode,…

A Restaurant Village is Coming to Dbayeh


April 05, 2015 | Mount Lebanon

I honestly don't know when or what are the restaurants opening in but what I surely know is that the perspectives are nice and that this project located on the Dbayeh internal road next to Bar…

Batroun: Peaceful and Serene City

Mechwar Videos

February 12, 2015 | Travel | North Lebanon

Located 50 km North of Beirut, and 29 km South of Tripoli, Batroun is the official center of its caza, with a population of around 20,000. One of the oldest cities in the world,…

Nicolas Audi: A Cuisine Inspired by the Lebanese Terroirs at Ixsir

Lebanese/Middle Eastern

December 25, 2014 | Restaurants | North Lebanon

The famous Nicolas Audi has opened his own restaurant in Basbina, nestled in an old house hosting the Ixsir winery.  What a place! A soothing ambiance haunts this old Lebanese house…

Contact Info: Ixsir

Phone Number: +961 71 773 770

Address: [ view ]

Phone Number: +961 71 773 770

Address: [ view ]

Jezzine: So Much to See, Taste and Enjoy

Mechwar Videos

December 21, 2014 | Travel | Lebanon

Our next episode takes us to Jezzine, a village which locals prefer to refer to as a city, located 22 km from Saida and 40 km south of Beirut. Surrounded by…

Cosy Foods: The Organic Shop Specialized in Healthy Mouni

Spotted Stories

July 26, 2014 | Lebanon

I was in Beit Merry attending the LIVCD (Lebanon Industry Value Chain Development Project) press conference and heard that a new organic shop had opened in the area. Grabbing the opportunity,…

Reaching International Markets: Ever Thought of Selling Your Products Online?

Spotted Stories

June 24, 2014

I always hoped for a platform where small businesses can create their own e-commerce website in minutes without spending too much. I always hoped that I would be able to buy food items from a local…

Taybet Zaman: Stay in an Old Village Close to Petra


May 31, 2014 | Reviews | Jordan

I've been to Taybet Zamen before. We came in for some lunch back then... I still remember entering a place that looks like a haunted city. Too many stones, long alleys, closed shops... And nobody…

Contact Info: Taybet Zamen

Phone Number: +962 3 215 0111

Address: Petra, Jordan [ view ]

Phone Number: +962 3 215 0111

Address: Petra, Jordan [ view ]

L’UniVert de Leah: Planted with Love, Watered by Passion


May 22, 2014 | Spotted Stories | Lebanon

Seriously, this country holds wonders created by passionate people around... I came across a young woman, Leah, who has started a small business far from the city's chaos, that she has called…

Rediscover Lebanon: Lebanese Families Invite you into their Homes

Spotted Stories

May 04, 2014 | Middle East

When discovering a new country, one can hardly expect to get a full sense of the place without meeting its inhabitants. By opening their doors to you, and showing you the kind of hospitality they…

Al-Najdiyah Village Restaurant, Riyadh

Lebanese/Middle Eastern

March 22, 2012 | Restaurants | KSA

On my last day in Riyadh, my friends proposed to take me to a very special place; an authentic one. To be honest, I refused at first and asked to go back to the hotel to relax since I was moving to…

Al Ferdaws Restaurant, Ehden

Lebanese/Middle Eastern

February 25, 2012 | Restaurants | Lebanon

 Think big. When you enter this authentic Lebanese restaurant house, you’ll realize size does matter. What I love in Al Ferdaws is its size. Not only the restaurant size but the size of…

Contact Info: Ferdaous, Ehden

Phone Number: +961-6-560605

Address: Nabeh Mar Sarkis, Ehden, North Lebanon [ view ]

Phone Number: +961-6-560605

Address: Nabeh Mar Sarkis, Ehden, North Lebanon [ view ]

Batroun Village Club Hotel: A Disaster to Avoid


February 25, 2012 | Reviews | North Lebanon

If you’re visiting Batroun, I would suggest avoiding the Village Club! It’s the worst hotel I have ever been to in my life. What a shame. Really, all I could think was what a shame.…

Contact Info: Batroun Village Club

Phone Number: +961-6-744333

Address: Batroun, North Lebanon, Kfarkhollos, Lebanon [ view ]

Phone Number: +961-6-744333

Address: Batroun, North Lebanon, Kfarkhollos, Lebanon [ view ]

Planet Hollywood, DisneyLand Paris


February 20, 2012 | Burgers | France

The Planet Hollywood welcomes you at the entrance of the Disney Village in Marne La Vallee, France. For me, or at least that was what I thought is a restaurant like Hard Rock cafe that I like with no…

Contact Info: Planet Hollywood, Disneyland, France

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