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Zekrayat Beirut: Souk el Akel Remembers the Icons of Lebanon's Capital
Mar 13, 2018

Beirut ya Beirut Sunday, March 18th A beautiful day of amazing things! Meet iconic people: Diwan Ammar  - Antiques Hilwayat al Daouk - Sweets Hilwayat…


Zekrayat Beirut: Souk el Akel Remembers the Icons of Lebanon's Capital

OTI Achievements in Lebanon: A Documentary by NGNO Productions


September 24, 2017 | Middle East

The Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI) supports U.S. foreign policy objectives by helping local partners advance peace and democracy. OTI provides fast, flexible, short-term assistance targeted…

مشوار في قرى لبنان

Mechwar Videos

August 07, 2017 | Travel | Middle East

Mechwar is a popular television segment on national television, and the country's only positive show showing the real Lebanon. Mechwar takes the form of a 20-minute report that takes…

Pick a City and Let NoGarlicNoOnions' Reviews Guide You...


June 20, 2017 | Popular

On this date back in 2012, NoGarlicNoOnions, the restaurant reviews blog saw the light... five years later, The Discovery Box, Mechwar TV Show, The Foodies' Trail, Souk el Mawasem and Souk el Akel...…

Search for Food & Restaurants Differently!


February 19, 2016 | Popular

After a few years working on NoGarlicNoOnions, we have gathered so many reviews from different parts of Lebanon and the world for that matter. Reviews of different types of cuisines, tastes and…

Media Source: NoGarlicNoOnions Blog Spotlight


February 08, 2016 | Press

MediaSource.me Beirut-based food blogger Anthony Rahayel spoke to MediaSource about why he started his NoGarlicNoOnions blog, why it has been so successful, and why he has no problem writing…

The Box: The 9th Monthly Discovery Box


December 02, 2015 | The Box

The weather is changing... It's a bit chilly out there. I love winter and with this season comes cozy gatherings and many night's in, so here's where THE BOX can help make your gatherings more…

The Box: The 8th Monthly Goodie Box


November 04, 2015 | The Box | Middle East

The weather is changing... It's a bit chilly out there. I love winter and with this season comes cozy gatherings and many night's in, so here's where THE BOX can help make your gatherings more…

Why The BOX is a Monthly MUST: Everything you Need to Know


October 21, 2015 | Popular | Middle East

I hear people around me asking me what's this, what's this box, what's inside... well to cut the long story short... I've illustrated what I believe The BOX carries on a monthly…

NoGarlicNoOnions Interview with Pancho Campo Radio, Spain


October 18, 2015

Pancho´s Food & Wine is a weekly programme about food, wine, gastronomy and lifestyle presented by Pancho Campo in a very simple-to-understand manner and with lots of energy. The…

Time for THE BOX - The 7th Edition


October 13, 2015 | Tasty Discoveries

It’s that time of the month… and you know which time…  Time for ‘The BOX’. Has yours reached you yet? If it has you’ll notice that the 7thedition is…

Make a Difference the Way You Believe In


August 23, 2015

Today we protest against the garbage politicians... Nobody will stop Lebanon from flourishing... Ever since I was a university student I learned to understand that people are different. What I think…

The July BOX is Out: Discover its Mouthwatering Content


July 02, 2015 | The Box | Middle East

The 4th Edition of The Box is out there... and with the box comes more than 15 items carefully handpicked for your ultimate pleasure - your special invitation to travel with me around the hidden…

A Coming Together... The Revival of Downtown Beirut


May 07, 2015 | News | Beirut

Following the great success of our first Souk El Akel, we're going to be hosting one every Thursday in Downtown. Come, enjoy some great food, discover new cuisines, but most of all, just have…

THE BOX: The First Box Delivered


April 08, 2015 | The Box

If you’ve subscribed to The BOX then you’re in for a treat. Today, April 8, 2015, you will get the chance to experience some of many gourmet discoveries I have scouted around…

We're Turning 3!


April 07, 2015 | Press

We’re celebrating our third birthday here at NoGarlicNoOnions and it feels great...We would like to share this special time with you and the best way we know how is to throw a feast and enjoy…

So... Who's the "Fool" ?


April 01, 2015

And this is how we do it... A yummy delicious breakfast to celebrate the beginning of a new month...   Stack up on some energy and face new challenges... Especially little pranks your friends…

NoGarlicNoOnions' "THE BOX" is Out


March 21, 2015 | The Box

Fine things, delivered For the past two years No Garlic No Onions (NGNO) has been scouring Lebanon and beyond to discover the very finest culinary creations the world over. NGNO prides…

NoGarlicNoOnions Receives an Unexpected Gift


March 15, 2015

As soon as I had mentioned that NoGarlicNoOnions is celebrating its third anniversary this month an unexpected gift arrived to the office. As I walked into the clinic, I was told to go and check…

2014: Best Ice Cream and Gelato in Lebanon

Ice Cream & Gelato

January 10, 2015 | News | Middle East

Hanna Mitri: The World's Best Ice CreamI truly doubt that all Lebanese people don't know or have not heard of Hanna Mitri. The one and only Hanna Mitri known for his uniquely fresh ice cream,…

2014: Best Armenian Restaurants in Lebanon


January 09, 2015 | Top 10 List | Middle East

Badguer: An Armenian Home with a lot to OfferI was happy to discover some new Armenian specialties not found at other renowned restaurants around the city. I enjoyed meeting the ladies behind those…

NoGarlicNoOnions Best of 2014: Our Way of Saying "We Love Lebanon"


January 06, 2015

Let's Celebrate an Honorable Occasion: Lebanese Army Day 2014 Happy Mother's Day: Take A Moment to Celebrate Unconditional Love Happy Labor Day 2014: Enjoy a Flavory Sunny Day NoGarlicNoOnions…

Happy New Year 2015 from NoGarlicNoOnions


December 31, 2014

Annually we make new year's resolutions in hope to start a fresh new tomorrow... which will hopefully lead to a prosperous and delicious new year...   One of our many resolutions is to…

Rediscovering Lebanon: Things that Make Lebanon a Truly Wonderful Place to Live


December 14, 2014 | Travel | Middle East

There’s much to love about Lebanon and we’re often in danger of forgetting all the great things about our country in the midst of all the strife and troubles of daily life. Perhaps…

TEDxLAU: Anthony Rahayel, On Being a "Multipotentialite"


October 04, 2014 | Popular

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Do you feel that your life is a straight line? or do you find it akin to a tree with diverse branches, all…

Enjoy The Last Few Sunny Days with a Feast on the Beach


September 24, 2014

Checking on the weather for this weekend, I noticed that some rain is coming our way on Sunday. Actually according to the weather app on my phone, it clearly states that a thunderstorm is store for…

MTV: مشوار" بحلة جديدة ومميزة... مع انطوني رحيل

Mechwar Videos

September 22, 2014 | News

مع الانطلاقة الجديدة  لبرنامج Alive صباحي، حلة جديدة لمختلف الفقرات ولعل من ابرزها تلك التي ارتدها فقرة "مشوار". يوم الاحد سيكون مميزا في صبحية الام تي في، مرتين شهريا، مع د.…

The Reboot: Announcing NoGarlicNoOnions 2.0


September 16, 2014

NGNO 2.0 – Beirut’s Most Visited Food Blog, Reloaded   NoGarlicNoOnions (NGNO) is Beirut’s premier destination for honest, objective restaurant, and food reviews. Started two…

A Whole New Experience Soon: NGNO 2.0


August 20, 2014

Last year,  I had a dream – yes I know I sound like Martin Luther King, but I totally understand what he meant when he said that back then… When you are so passionate about…

OXO Grape and Cherry Tomato Cutter

Food Gadgets

July 31, 2014

Cut prep time in half with this handy countertop gadget that lets you slice up to 1 cup of grapes or cherry tomatoes in one easy action. The OXO Grape and Small Tomato Slicing Guide's innovative…

Cuiz'in Mag: 22 Desserts qui Font Beyrouth

Desserts & Sweets

July 14, 2014 | News | Lebanon

Où trouver les meilleurs gâteaux, glaces et autres douceurs de la capitale? Suivez les pérégrinations de NoGarlicNoOnions. Une nouvelle rubrique à croquer.…

Frozen Beer Slushies

Food Gadgets

June 22, 2014

Get a cold cap on your beer and enhance your thirst-quenching drinking experience with the Frozen Beer Slushie Maker by Kirin Ichiban. Created by Kirin, one of Japan's top drink manufacturers,…

We're Two!


April 21, 2014 | Popular

With all the time and effort I spend on NoGarlicNoOnions, I often lose track of time. I woke up this morning and thought... My gosh, it's been two years already since I launched this site... two…

Blog review: No Garlic No Onions


April 16, 2014 | Press

Published in Outlook AUB, April 15th, 2014 At the age of 16, Anthony Rahayel followed his passion and pursued a career in photography. When he decided to become a dentist, he didn’t give up his…

One Good Thing Onions Are Good For: Happy Easter


April 14, 2014 | Popular

It's almost Easter and parents are running around to get some food colorings and stickers to help their kids create the best decorated Easter eggs out there, not to say the strongest... Well, here's…

Happy Mother's Day: Take A Moment to Celebrate Unconditional Love


March 21, 2014 | Press

Mother's Day is upon us - a day which celebrates life, continuous giving and a stream of unconditional love... This is the day when we all take a moment to celebrate the woman who has given us life…

Nothing Beats Your Mom's Cooking... Happy Mother's Day


March 21, 2014 | Popular

Let me tell you something... Between every restaurant review, every delicious food discovery I enjoy and share, every image I upload on Instagram and every tweet... I still crave for some home…

Happy Valentines: Celebrate All Things You Love


February 14, 2014

Wishing you all a lovely Valentines from the heart of Paris, a city they all refer to as the most romantic cities in the world. But that said, Valentines, in my opinion, is a day we celebrate…

Happy Eggs: Eggs Laid by Happy Hens

Food Gadgets

January 19, 2014

‘Happy Eggs’ is a packaging concept for eggs. It focuses on using sustainable materials and production methods. It is targeted at environmentally conscious customers, which also value the quality of…

2013: Restaurants and Cafes I Totally Enjoy Every Now and Then


December 31, 2013 | Top 10 List | Middle East

Some places are just special. Going to them every once in a while put a smile on my face, be it an original local concept, a simple French bistro or a delicious Italian pizzerias...  these…

The Daily Star Reports: Interview with NoGarlicNoOnions


December 24, 2013 | Press | Middle East

Beirut’s No. 1 food blogger wants to cater to the masses December 24, 2013 12:20 AM By Mirella Hodeib The Daily Star BEIRUT: Anthony Rahayel is by no means obnoxious or…

Lebanon's Gourmet Week 2013: The Complete list of Participants


November 05, 2013 | Popular

Under the Patronage of the Lebanese Minister of Tourism Mr. Fady Abboud and in association with the Syndicate of Owners of Restaurants, Cafes, Night Clubs and Pastries in Lebanon, the first edition…

Every Second that Passes by... will Never Come Again: Take Advantage of Life


October 31, 2013

Dear fellow citizens, Aren't you fed up from the constant negativity that surround you... If you think it’s not there – think again.  You’re probably just avoiding it, or…

The Grill Room: A Recommended Restaurant Indeed


October 15, 2013 | Recommended | Lebanon

The Grill Room is a place I would take any good friend out for exquisite food. It was my best friend's birthday and what better way to celebrate it than take him somewhere, where good food and good…

Contact Info: The Grill Room

Phone Number: +961 1 761000

Address: Four Seasons Hotel Beirut, 1418 Professor Wafic Sinno Avenue, 2020 4107, Minet El Hosn, Beirut, Lebanon [ view ]

Phone Number: +961 1 761000

Address: Four Seasons Hotel Beirut, 1418 Professor Wafic Sinno Avenue, 2020 4107, Minet El Hosn, Beirut, Lebanon [ view ]

And The Best Food Blog Award Goes to NGNO!


April 30, 2013 | Popular

NoGarlicNoOnions just won the Best Food Blog award during Beirut's first annual Social Media Awards ceremony organized by Online Collaborative. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and…

The Wine Teller: A Passionate Concept Around a Glass and Slicer


April 06, 2013 | Recommended | Mount Lebanon

Although the trend of wine bars in the Lebanon has not been well-received in the 1990s, their popularity has recently started to see the light. By early 2011, wine bars became popular and started…

Contact Info: Wine Tellar

Phone Number: +961 4 722 602

Address: Jal El Dib, Matar Abou Jaoude street, Metn, Lebanon [ view ]

Phone Number: +961 4 722 602

Address: Jal El Dib, Matar Abou Jaoude street, Metn, Lebanon [ view ]

NGNO on a Mission to Discover the Best Pastry Shop in Lebanon


April 03, 2013

After finding Beirut's best Man'oushe, it is now time to move on to another mission. Let's work together to locate the most mouthwatering piece of sweet art available out there...    …

Happy Palm Sunday from NGNO


March 24, 2013

NGNO wishes all its readers a Happy Palm Sunday... Enjoy lunch with the family... share your experiences with us... waiting for you...

A Long Kept Family Secret Recipe Revealed on Pie Day


March 14, 2013

Today is Pi Day. Yes math nerds celebrate the mathematical symbol, while the rest of us just use this as an excuse to munch on some delicious pie. Honoured annually on March 14, or 3/14…

The Smell of Sugar: How Sweet is That!

Spotted Stories

March 10, 2013

Imagine that you smell as sweet as sugar, literally. A while ago we told you about the Sushi scented perfume, now we highlight this new fragrance by Fresh. Sugar Lemon Eau De Parfum is a captivating…

How To Use NoGarlicNoOnions 1.0: Understanding the Concept


February 18, 2013

About NoGarlicNoOnions: (An Exciting Culinary Journey Around the World: Restaurants, Hotels and Travel Reviews from the four corners of the globe) NGNO is a travel and food website.…

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