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Antonine University Spring Festival 2018: Souk el Akel, Zahle!
May 16, 2018

Zahle here we come... two days of endless fun, entertainment, great food ideas and the Universite Antonine Job Fair.


Ramadan Kareem





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Becoming a Successful Blogger: Food and Beyond with NoGarlicNoOnions


April 29, 2018 | News

Let's blog together. MUBS University, Saturday May 19th 09AM-04PM "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela -

BBC News: Food blogger offers cure for Lebanon's apple crisis!


November 15, 2016

Food blogger offers cure for Lebanon's apple crisis Lebanese apple farmers have been in crisis. Before the war in Syria, the country was a major export market for Lebanese fruit, as well as serving as a transport route to other markets in the…

Join Anthony Rahayel to Learn More About Blogging


November 07, 2016 | News

As part of the BLOM shabeb collaboration with The Agenda Beirut that aim to bring the country some of the most insightful workshops, Anthony Rahayel will be giving you insights on blogging after long years of experience in blogging with…

You Can Enjoy a Dozen of these Donuts - Easily!

Spotted Stories

June 18, 2016

Our world today is full of food hybrids and extreme creations... We at NGNO are trying to keep up with all of them... But I think this one is a winner, a healthy one at least - the sushi donut. Yes, you heard right, let's enjoy a dozen of…

Caught Red-Handed Doing What I Love Doing Most...


May 25, 2015 | Press

Caught red-handed doing what I love doing most... And what that you may be asking...? Obviously trying different types of food in different restaurants... and rushing over to a cosy corner to report my findings and verdict to you... So caught at…

Cioccorosso: Dark Chocolate Espresso with Red Fruit Notes

Tasty Discoveries

November 25, 2013

Nespresso has launched a new flavor, the Cioccorosso, that's a mix of dark chocolate and red fruits in a capsule. Although my favorite flavor has been Caramelito, this new limited edition colorful capsule caught my attention. I enjoyed it so much…

101 Most Popular Blogs in Lebanon According to 2Famous.tv and NGNO is Part of IT


October 17, 2012 | Popular

2famous presents a survey of the 101 most popular blogs in Lebanon, complete with reviews and even three different ranking systems. "We’ve spent days and nights researching, coding, compiling, and writing to make this list complete and…

Les Châteaux de la Loire: A Journey of Beautiful Discoveries


October 10, 2012 | Travel

Last week, my wife and I went on a quest to discover some of the most beautiful Castles of this region by staying three nights in three different fine hotels. We started with Loiret is a department in…

A Culinary Journey Around Europe's Greatest Cities: London 2012: Day1


October 08, 2012

This year's true food discovery trip has started in one of the most authentic capitals of the world, London. Attending the Food Bloggers Convention from the 28th until the 30th of September, I decided to make my visit to London a complete…

Food Blogger Connect, London 2012: Day3


October 06, 2012

More interesting things to learn today: Pleasures & Pains of Writing Your First Cookbook, Niche Blogging, Starting Your Food Business, SEO & WordPress 102, Allergy-Free Blogging, Food Photography & Styling…

Food Blogger Connect, London 2012: Day1


October 05, 2012

Food Blogger Connect (FBC), was founded in 2009, and is Europe’s first, biggest, & leading food blogger’s conference & forum for food bloggers and food industry folks, bringing together award-winning, star-profile, guest speakers…

FBC12: 60 seconds with Anthony Rahayel from Beirut, Lebanon


September 19, 2012

Anthony Rahayel, from Beirut, Lebanon blogs at the wonderfully titled No Garlic No Onions   (@nogarlicnoonion). Anthony doesn’t like garlic or onions, and blogs about his culinary journey through restaurant reviews and…

Three Days in the Russian Capital: MOSCOW


September 16, 2012 | Russia

My trip to Moscow was long overdue. Not Moscow as a place, but the idea of discovering a whole new city and sharing it with you. The feeling of anticipation is nice. It was 2am and time to leave home towards the airport to take the…

Cruising the Mediterranean Onboard The Navigator of the Seas


August 08, 2012

Cruising the Mediterranean Guides from around the world. Why visit only one city when you can do up to five in a week? This year, I decided to try this new trend of conquering the world, where you spend an entire week in a luxury hotel and tour…

Meet Anthony Rahayel, the food blogger behind NoGarlicNoOnions


July 30, 2012 | Press

Published in NowLebanon News: July 2012 Sabina Llewellyn-Davies (Read more) “I can’t eat anything cooked with onions or garlic. I used to feel physically sick whenever I ate them, it seems that I am allergic to them,” says…

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