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Zekrayat Beirut: Souk el Akel Remembers the Icons of Lebanon's Capital
Mar 13, 2018

Beirut ya Beirut Sunday, March 18th A beautiful day of amazing things! Meet iconic people: Diwan Ammar  - Antiques Hilwayat al Daouk - Sweets Hilwayat…


Zekrayat Beirut: Souk el Akel Remembers the Icons of Lebanon's Capital

Apple Chips: A Healthy Snack, Made in Lebanon


December 14, 2017

Made from Lebanese apples, apple chips is a very healthy snack that serves high calories without added sugar or any other preservatives. They're crispy, wholesome apple chips, offer up a whole host…

A Day of Wisdom with an Apple Farmer in Bsharri... Save Lebanese Apples!

Mechwar Videos

October 24, 2017 | Popular | Lebanon

Lebanese apple farmers have been in crisis. Before the war in Syria, the country was a major export market for Lebanese fruit, as well as serving as a transport route to other markets in the…

Baskinta Apple Festival: Souk el Akel and Much More...


October 10, 2017 | News

Organised for the first time to support the local apple crises and bring life to the village of Baskinta after the summer ended, the first Baskinta Apple Festival will be…

Fruits And Vegetables Have Never Looked So Neat


July 20, 2017

The ‘Cuttemporary Art’ project, by Turkish photographer Sakir Gokcebag, will satisfy your need for neatness and order. In his Cuttemporary Art project, the photographer shows his…

When Life Throws You Lemons... Here arer 31 Uses for Them

Spotted Stories

April 17, 2017

If life throws you lemons, don't despair. Here are 31 uses for them... In the following infographic by OnStride, it highlights clever uses for lemons at home, including keeping avocados and…

Dunkin Donuts Celebrates Independence Day with Lebanese Apples


November 22, 2016

With continuous efforts by private sectors towards helping Lebanese farmers, Dunkin Donuts will be distributing 10,000 apples today across all its branches. This initiative from Dunkin Donuts, with…

BBC News: Food blogger offers cure for Lebanon's apple crisis!


November 15, 2016

Food blogger offers cure for Lebanon's apple crisis Lebanese apple farmers have been in crisis. Before the war in Syria, the country was a major export market for Lebanese fruit, as well as…

Air France Supports Lebanese Apples with NGNO


November 11, 2016

In support of the Lebanese farmers, Air France Lebanon is celebrating “Apple Week” in collaboration with NoGarlicNoOnions. This week, more than 20.000 Lebanese Apples have been…

Support Local Apple Farmers!


October 03, 2016 | Popular

NoGarlicNoOnions would like to take a moment to show their support towards apple farmers across Lebanon... We encourage each and everyone of you to buy and support local farmers and producers,…

A New Kind of Apple: Meet the Red Prince


June 03, 2016

A new English apple variety that ‘matures in taste like a fine wine’ is set to transform the UK apple industry this year and the world maybe soon, after all Granny Smith apples…

Swap One Food to Another - Will Help You Shed Some Weight


November 08, 2015

If you're looking to lose some weight before Christmas follow this infographic by Get Slimmer Guide which will show you 20 healthy food swaps you can make in order to cut calories from your diet.…

Heat is On! Spicy Gummy Peppers

Spotted Stories

August 08, 2014

Interesting treats! Spicy Gummy Peppers are original candy confection that look and taste like three different spicy peppers.  Each pack includes three pepper-shaped gummies infused with actual…

Fight Against Food Waste: Inglorious Fruits & Vegetables


July 18, 2014

Commercial supermarket chain in France, Intermarché, launched a brilliant campaign called ‘Inglorious Fruits&Vegetables’, whereby fruits and vegetables that don't usually make it to the shelves,…

Five Foods That Stay Good Past Their Expiration Dates


March 23, 2014

A 2013 report from Harvard Law School and the Natural Resources Defense Council states confusion over food dating has led 91 percent of Americans to throw away food prematurely. Interesting to know,…

The Sandwich Book: A Mouthwatering Read

Spotted Stories

January 20, 2014

The Sandwich Book is a project by Polish artist and designer Pawel Piotrowski. This book, consisting of paper creations recalling the typical ingredients of sandwiches is a real visual to discover…

Bring Apple Picking Experience Indoors

Food Gadgets

December 09, 2013

Mimicking the action of apple-picking, USA-based designer David Saldoff has designed a unique apple holder for the urban environment. His design, which he calls “Newton”, is inspired by his…

25 Ridiculously Healthy Foods: Pile your Plate with these Nutrition Superstars

Spotted Stories

August 23, 2013

The following healthy power foods can claim big bragging rights: They can fend off serious diseases like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease; fortify your immune system; protect and smooth your skin;…

Akiki Fruits and Vegetables: Being Professional is Your Best Marketing Tool!

Spotted Stories

June 15, 2013 | Tasty Discoveries | Middle East

I'm not going to be too philosophical or try to sell an idea - but simply state a fact. You often wonder why some places succeed and grow while other fail in an instant. I believe the main reason…

Contact Info: Akiki Freres

Phone Number: +961 4 444 227

Address: Antelias main road, Naccach roundabout, Metn, Lebanon [ view ]

Phone Number: +961 4 444 227

Address: Antelias main road, Naccach roundabout, Metn, Lebanon [ view ]

Top 10 HEALTHY foods you should eat EVERYDAY

Spotted Stories

April 22, 2013

Everybody likes to maintain good health. For that you need to eat right. In your everyday life, you come across some of the healthy foods to eat that help to prevent the diseases and give various…

Old Wive's Tales: If You Want to Know if Your Eggs Are Still Fresh - Read On...


January 10, 2013

We often hear stories of how to pack fruits to keep them fresh, or how to keep your peeled apples from turning brown... Here are some interesting facts, as some experts say... try them and let us…

Take Some Fruity Notes

Food Gadgets

September 21, 2012 | Spotted Stories

If you don't often crave fruits then these Post-it Fruit Notes will definately remind you to crunch on something healthy for a change. These functional and adorable post-its will definitely make your…

Food and White Teeth: The Complete Series


August 09, 2012 | Popular

We've all been told to avoid red wine, dark berries, and black coffee in our quests for pearly whites, but what about foods that actually brighten your smile? Try these natural solutions…

Food and White Teeth 102: Apples


July 08, 2012

I remind you, nothing can take the place of healthy care like brushing your teeth, flossing and so on. But like I said before, there are foods that help clean your teeth. Today I point the finger to…

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