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Celebrate Armenian Culture in Bourj Hammoud
Apr 10, 2018

Celebrate Armenian culture this Sunday in Bourj Hammoud. Street food, kids entertainment, Fun, superb Armenian food and much more to satisfy everyone. A premiere for…


Bourj Hammoud; Like You've Never Seen it Before...

Flying AirFrance from Beirut to Paris in Business Class: I Love the Experience Not the Food!


November 13, 2017 | Travel

When you Tavel a lot, you tend to forget when was the last time you wrote a review about your favorite airline. Since the first revamped business class to Beirut review and the “cabin Best”, several other detailed reviews have followed.…

Air France Business Lounge at JFK Terminal 1


November 04, 2017 | Travel | USA

Things are improving around here... I’ve passed for the first time in 2015 and now back for the fifth time already, the large dedicated area of Air France customers at the airport is up to the standard and expectations of a traveler…

Air France: The A380 Experience is Like any Other Plane!


April 10, 2017 | Travel

I was so happy when I found out that I would be taking my next flight to New York onboard an A380, yes, AirFrance's A380 which I have dreaming of trying for a while. After an amazing experience onboard Korean Air, here I was checking what AirFrance…

Shower Between Flights at Terminal E, Hall L


March 25, 2017 | Travel | France

Now you can shower between flights when passing through Terminal E, Hall L at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. You are handed a bag of amenities and two towels to enjoy a hot shower and refresh before your next flight. Check out some photos…

Middle East Airlines vs. Air France: A Detailed Comparative Review... 1 Winner!


November 21, 2016 | Comparative Review

It started back in 2013 when my first ever review comparing Air France to Middle East was published, two carriers connecting Beirut to Paris. Three years have passed since and hundreds of flights in between onboard both. Both carriers have improved…

The New Business Night Service Offered by Air France


June 20, 2016 | Travel

Traveling from New York back to Paris I was surprised by a new service offered to business passengers flying at night. Now you can dine the same exact menu offered up in the air while seated behind a table in the business lounge and enjoy the…

Paris-Beirut on the Newly Refurbished A777-300ER


June 01, 2016 | Travel

I was one of the first to try the new plane which AirFrance calls “Cabine Best”. It's no other than the world's most famous plane, the Boeing 777 revised with the latest technologies to fit the 21st century, something many airlines…

On My Twelve Hours Trip to Lima, Peru


May 20, 2016 | Travel

Don't think am crazy when I tell you that I traveled  all the way to the other side of the world for only two days. Discovering a whole new country for even a day is worth it in my books and not to mention getting on the plane, switching off…

Seoul-Paris: Enjoying Service and Food Onboard Air France


May 08, 2016 | Travel

What a week! A pleasant stay in the Korean capital, but it was time to go back home. Skyteam is my choice, after trying the A380 for the first time onboard Korean Air, I decided to take a return flight with Air France. 12 hours are properly taken…

Air France Joins Forces with Korean Chef Youn-Young Kim


April 18, 2016 | Travel

Since 1st February 2016, Korean customers have been able to post all their travel-related queries (reservation, seat selection, payable options, additional baggage, etc.) in their language to Air France via the Company's new account on Kakao Talk,…

Traveling to Paris and Back in a Cocoon


October 23, 2015 | Travel

I'm not sure why, but I feel like writing a review every time I find myself sitting on a plane, especially when traveling Business Class. This time, it wasn't just any Business Class, but the new "Best" option out of Beirut. I believe I was one of…

Terminal 2E, K Business Lounge Now Serves a Decent Breakfast


October 18, 2015 | Travel | France

For the first time, a full fledged breakfast us served in AirFrance It surely was time to write a new review especially when I discovered that AirFrance’s Terminal 2E, K Business Lounge, yes a decent breakfast that’s even better than a…

Goodbye New York: On the Way Back Home


July 23, 2015 | Travel

I still remember checking into the hotel like of it was only yesterday, 10 days passed at a glance and I wish it hadn’t… New York is not any city but the city of dreams and possibilities, tourism and love, events and potential...…

Paris Charles de Gaulle, Terminal E-L Business Lounge


July 03, 2015 | Travel | France

Time does travel... Three years, three long years have passed and I thought it was yesterday that I last wrote about this business lounge connecting Air France flights with the world. After security check take a right or left, both take you up a…

Contact Info: Charles de Gaulle Airport

Phone Number: +33 1 70 36 39 50

Address: 95700 Roissy-en-France, France [ view ]

Phone Number: +33 1 70 36 39 50

Address: 95700 Roissy-en-France, France [ view ]

Pampered for Eight Hours Over the Atlantic


June 29, 2015 | Recommended

Simply awesome! You can't imagine how excited I was to discover the new business class cabin of Air France - a plane they say is "Best" fitted with the cocoon seats. It was a long day of traveling from Beirut to New York, but hours passed by in a…

Beirut-Paris: The Air France Business Experience


June 27, 2015 | Travel

I want to express my minute-to-minute enjoyment during my trip from Beirut to Paris… I want to express the enjoyment I had with every single service offered on onboard AirFrance, especially after I learned that I would be one of the first to…

A Travel Review: Air France Business Class Revamped


January 13, 2015 | Travel

I wasn't planning on writing yet another review on ‘business class’ to Paris. I thought I have done enough reviews onboard Air France but when I discovered all the changes since my last trip, I couldn't but grab my phone and start…

Seasonal Gourmet Delights Served on Air France's La Première


November 16, 2014

This seaon, the world's most starred chef is presenting his new seasonal gourmet delights to Air France La Première customers. Caviar, scallops and duck confit among the dishes concocted by Joël Robuchon are always a promise of…

The Air France Lounge, Munich Airport


October 26, 2014 | Travel | Europe

After a trip around Germany, coming back home onboard a Skyteam flight should be done onboard MEA through Frankfurt Airport, or any hub where Air France lands. My last stop was Munich, boarding the first Air France from Munich to Paris, followed by…

Air France: A Minutely Review


January 20, 2013 | Travel

From Paris to Beirut: Air France Business Class on Boeing 777-300 I am going to say it as it is. I don’t understand how people still travel with MEA on ‘Beirut-Paris’ and ‘Paris-Beirut’ route when the prices are the…

From Paris to Beirut: Air France Business Class on Boeing 777-200


January 06, 2013 | Travel

Recently, I have been travelling a great deal. I have tried different airlines until I rediscovered the Air France Business Class... The experience was great, and I think that Air France has its place as one of the top business classes of world…

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