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Antonine University Spring Festival 2018: Souk el Akel, Zahle!
May 16, 2018

Zahle here we come... two days of endless fun, entertainment, great food ideas and the Universite Antonine Job Fair.


Ramadan Kareem





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Stircle: It stirs without sticks

Food Gadgets

April 30, 2018 | News

It stirs without sticks.  400 million stir sticks are thrown in the trash every day.  That bothers me.  Wooden sticks are bad.  Plastic sticks are worse.  Place cup here.  Stir happens.  Grab and go.  Less…

A Simple Yet Very Appealing Opener

Food Gadgets

February 19, 2018

Circus is a deformed 1mm stainless steel sheet. The design is simple and as reduced as conceivable. There is no front and no back, no top and no bottom. The opener is mirror-symmetric in two axis. You hold it in your palm. You can use it from…

Hottest kitchen gadgets every home cook needs in 2018

Food Gadgets

December 21, 2017 | Kitchen

For many foodies, the only thing more exciting than discovering a great new restaurant is getting to flex their own culinary muscles in the kitchen. That means having an arsenal of pots, pans and kitchen tools to tackle any recipe that comes their…

8 Must-Have Gadgets For Conquering The Kitchen

Food Gadgets

December 21, 2017 | Kitchen

Smoke alarms blaring on the regular. Horrified dinner guests. Zero Michelin stars. Sound like your culinary biography? Thankfully, there’s hope (even for you): these must-have kitchen tools we’ve rounded up below. Ranging from a…

Let's Make Healthy Popcorn in Minutes

Food Gadgets

July 21, 2017

It's the weekend, let's get some corn popping with Chef'n Pop Top Microwave Popcorn Popper. Make healthier microwave popcorn at home for you and your whole family to enjoy in just minutes! It contains an integrated internal measure so you…

The Brunch: The Prozac of Technology


July 20, 2017

The Brunch is a series of consumer products that celebrate the mundane. Sometimes it's ok to appreciate things the simple way they are... without having to pick your brain on how to use this item or that... we got used to the idea that the more…

Collet Corkscrew: A Mulifunctional Bar Tool

Food Gadgets

July 03, 2017

Collet is a multi-functional bar tool is a bottle opener that features a concealed corkscrew. Machined from a solid bar of brass, the slender body holds a steel corkscrew spiral inside of a split sheath reminiscent of a collet that provides a…

Space Saving Lemon Squeezer

Food Gadgets

May 27, 2017

For those of us with limited cabinet and counter space, the Flat Juicer, designed by Fien De Clercq, is a simple, space-saving solution. Thanks to its clever design, only one step is needed to set it up. Just squeeze the flexible body and the…

Dolce&Gabbana and Smeg Make the Kitchen Fashionable


May 17, 2017

If you're looking for something more colorful in your kitchen and love fashion... Look no further. Dolce&Gabbana and Smeg have joined creative forces to create Sicily is my Love, a truly Made in Italy project where experts from the worlds of…

STARCK: Revolutionising Kitchen Utensils


May 15, 2017 | Kitchen

Philippe Starck, this truly iconic French designer with a unique democratic design concept and his partnership with Alessi, laguiole has brought us many revolutionizing kitchen utensils.  Some of his original creations in this field…

Design Your Kitchen by Peleg

Food Gadgets

May 14, 2017 | Kitchen

Peleg Design was founded in 2004 by designer Shahar Peleg. The products are designed to be functional while giving an impression of optical illusion that break our daily monotony. We have chosen some of their products that we consider as fun…


Food Gadgets

May 12, 2017 | News

The mug-enthusiast might consider the following list incomplete, insufficient; an ordinary collection here only to surprise through diversity, color and coolness, and he would be entirely right ! The collection that follows is brought forward…

Add Some Rainbow Colors to Your Kitchen

Food Gadgets

April 03, 2017

There's a colorful explosion of rainbow foods and it seems that this trend has made its way into the kitchen with gadgets that will add color to your kitchen... There's a lot out there... Here are some of our favorites.. 5-Piece Natura Rainbow…

Movie Time Just Got Extra Special


March 31, 2017

Make movie time extra special with this retro inspired popcorn maker, reminiscent of the classic 50s style popcorn machines. from Think Kitchen, this machine makes batches of popcorn fast and easy – as a healthy snack, for party treats and…

Forma: A Designer Cheese Grater by Zaha Hadid

Food Gadgets

March 28, 2017

Zaha Hadid is dead but her projects are still popping out. One of the several projects worked on before she passed on is Forma, a cheese grater, which is so beautifully and so Zaha Hadid.  “Inspired by the natural formation of…

Cooper Cooler: The Fastest Way to Chill Your Drinks

Food Gadgets

March 26, 2017

There's nothing worse than a warm, uh, drink. You get home, ready to invite your friends over and the wine's lukewarm, the beer's warm to the touch or even a can of Coca Cola that not iced cold. Enter the Cooper Cooler. Just add water and ice and…

Bamboo Cutting Board With Tray, Green

Food Gadgets

March 18, 2017 | Kitchen

The Neoflam Bamboo Cut2Tray extends beyond the scope of its cutting board competitors; in addition to having a 12" x 18" cutting surface, the Bamboo Cut2Tray comes with a sliding tray that conveniently collects the food you slice and chop. This…

Sambousik Maker

Food Gadgets

March 18, 2017 | Kitchen

The Starfrit Dough Press Set is perfect for your tiny pies and crepes. Use it to cut and press fruit pies, calzones, perogies, dumplings and more! With 5 different sizes of cuts, you can cut out dough in the size you want and then press it…

Lick Your Finger in Style

Food Gadgets

March 10, 2017 | Food Gadgets

An experience that mimics the sensation of licking your fingers can enhance the taste of creamy foods. This is the concept behind the new spoon created by a British design studio, Michel/Fabian, which specializes in the invention of eating…

Future of Supermarket Shopping with Gita

Food Gadgets

February 24, 2017

Just when you think you have seen it all, something new comes out to amaze you! We have noticed that robots now everywhere, but wait until you meet Gita, your one and only shopping companion. Gita (pronounced "jee-ta" and in Italian means a…

Have You Been Drinking Tea the Right Way?

Food Gadgets

February 21, 2017 | News

42tea is a unique device in the world that combines the perfection of tea tradition with easy-to-use features of connected objects. Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world (25 000 cups drunk each second, 70% increase since 1993). But it is…

Cidermaking at Home Has Never Been Easier

Food Gadgets

February 21, 2017

Alchema, the first smart home cidermaking system can help anyone turn fresh fruit into delicious hard cider, mead or even wine in as little as two weeks. Alchema’s patent-pending technology removes the trial and error from home cidermaking and…

Wine Glass Mask: A Glass with a Funtion

Food Gadgets

February 09, 2017

Wine Glass Mask™ designed by James Piatt is a new kind of wineglass... It is part functional and part novelty and will definitely add delight to your wine drinking experience with friends. The Wine Glass Mask™, the first wine glass…

Toasting Bacon Has Never Been Easier

Food Gadgets

January 27, 2017

Nostalgia Electrics have invented the bacon toaster. It’s a toaster, for bacon and it’s going to make your breakfast more than just an important meal of the day.  Welcome to a healthier way to cook bacon to delicious…

La Moka: Get Transported to Venice

Food Gadgets

January 26, 2017

The way we experience a product can often have a profound effect on how it makes us feel. Mondo is a collection of breakfast products designed for people that seek adventure and enjoyment out of the experience, process and ceremony. Youmeus…

A Specialized Toaster for Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Food Gadgets

January 18, 2017

One thing most people love is a good grilled cheese sandwich. To make a delicious grilled cheese is almost too easy with this Grilled Cheese Toaster! Yes, there is a toaster that's specifically designed for making perfect grilled cheese. It is a…

The Lemonade Factory: Remembering Your Childhood

Food Gadgets

January 14, 2017

Children look at the world with an incredible sense of curiosity and wonder. Yet, this is the first to go when we grow up. With ‘The Lemonade Factory’, designer Renske Rothuizen, aims to recreate those miraculous moments: inviting…

The One for All and All for One Multi Utensil

Food Gadgets

January 12, 2017

The Muncher is one of the world’s most functional utensils. It packs a punch with 10 functionalities. Made from aerospace grade titanium The Muncher weighs just 0.7 ounces / 20 grams. The ideal companion on any trip where weight and space…

Fondoodler: Hot Glue Gun for Cheese

Food Gadgets

January 06, 2017

If you're craving some melted cheese goodness, look no further. The Fondoodler is here to help is a hot glue gun for cheese.  Any kind of cheese for that matter. You can now draw on your chips, use it to caulk your cracker castle, or draw a…

The Muscle, the Gear and the Carrot: Back to the Basics

Food Gadgets

January 04, 2017

Craving for something simple? Imagining a kitchen without multiple electric unites where each only does a specific task? With that in mind, comes The Muscle, the Gear and the Carrot, a food processor concept that returns to the basics.…

Add Some 'Mon Cherry' on Top

Food Gadgets

November 15, 2016

For a perfect recipe, you have to measure and OTOTO’s Mon Cherry spoon set will add a colorful touch to your baking kit. This set of four measuring spoons come in a rich red fruity avatar. Designed by Jenny Pokryvailo to look like a…

Get Rid of Your Bulky Measuring Cups

Food Gadgets

October 19, 2016

Almost every kitchen drawer has a collection of measuring spoons. Right? To change the way we pack and use measuring cups, designer, inventor, and teacher Rahul Agarwal is on a mission to to get rid of all bulky measuring spoons. To do so he came up…

Add More Character to Your Parties: Boogie Bites

Food Gadgets

September 10, 2016

Bring out the Boogie Bites and suddenly your snack foods are rockin'.    Fred's sturdy stand-up party picks are perfect for fruit, cheese, olives, swedish meatballs... you name it! Includes (16) picks in eight assorted styles.

Roast Your Own Coffee at Home

Food Gadgets

August 19, 2016

IKAWA is revolutionising the way we roast and drink coffee with the world’s first digital micro-roaster now available for pre-orders worldwide. Take control of your coffee at the push of a button! The IKAWA Home Coffee Roaster will give…

Brighten Up Your Mornings with Toasteroid

Food Gadgets

August 18, 2016

Make a cartoon toast in the likeness of your kids’ favourite character, leave an edible reminder to your absent-minded other half or simply make a delightful toast for yourself will certainly brighten up the mornings. Toasteroid is NOT just…

XOCO: A Perfect 3D Chocolate Printer for Homes

Food Gadgets

August 15, 2016 | Food Gadgets

Tune in chocoholics. A Dutch design studio has created a compact 3D chocolate printer for homes and restaurants that will look great resting on your counter top.   XOCO is a 3d-printer that can create customised objects in chocolate.…

Clever Cutter: 2-in-1 Knife and Cutting Board

Food Gadgets

July 17, 2016

Throw out your knives and cutting boards and meet the  Clever Cutter a revolutionary 2-in-1 knife and cutting board that chops and slices your favorite foods in seconds. The secret is the 2-in-1 clever design with ergonomic power pressure…

A Table and a Grill in One - Perfect Summer Gatherings

Food Gadgets

July 08, 2016

Check out this perfect summer essential: A table, which looks just like any other outdoor table, but is actually a grill/table combo. Angara table has covers that can be removed to reveal the hidden grill plates underneath taking your next BBQ to a…

Tea Infusers with a Creative Touch

Food Gadgets

June 27, 2016

Meet Koma and Torus, two tea infusers for the kitchen utensil brand Ommo; designed by Hong Kong based Ponti Design Studio. With a round base and a long stainless steel-trimmed handle, Koma offers a comfortable grip to stir the tea. The cover made…

The Perfect Wine Glass for the Outdoors

Food Gadgets

June 20, 2016

Maybe you know the feeling when you want to enjoy a nice glass of wine outside on a beautiful late summer afternoon? When selecting the right wine for this moment, immediately the question will pop up. What kind of glass fits this occasion? Probably…

Make Your Own Fluffy Shaved Ice at Home

Food Gadgets

May 26, 2016

It’s now possible to make that perfect shaved ice fluffy at home with the new limited edition ice shaver by Kai. You can now enjoy a summer favorite dessert, shaved ice in a professional manner. The Kai ice shaver makes you a bowl full of…

OTTO: An Intelligent Kitchen

Food Gadgets

May 23, 2016

The OTTO smart-kitchen system’s aim is to provide healthy meals and an enhanced food experience that embraces preferences, the user’s schedule, and social moments in the home. The design introduces smart user-centered…

BOx: The First Smart Bottle Opener!

Food Gadgets

May 18, 2016 | Food Gadgets

BOx , the world’s first smart bottle opener. A unique ergonomic design that will give a new dimension to your drinking experience. Open your bottle with a single hand and let BOx share the experience with your friends. We aim…

Put Your Food in the Spotlight... And Keep it Warm

Food Gadgets

May 04, 2016

Imagine your food in the spotlight and literally so... Solaris is a lamp that warms up your food at your desk while you work. In addition, tilting Solaris at its side turns it into a heater that keeps you warm during the cold seasons.  

Not Your Average Oven

Food Gadgets

March 31, 2016

June, a San Francisco-based modern appliance company have created what looks more like a toaster oven with special features. This smart oven can guess the type of food you put in it, know how long you need to cook it for, and at what…

Control-Alt-Delicious Waffles in Seconds

Food Gadgets

March 17, 2016

Enjoy a breakfast that's Control-Alt-Delicious with this geek-chic waffle iron by Chris Dimino. Made from die-cast aluminum and featuring bake-lite heat resistant handles, this design can be put on the grill or even gas or electric…

Meet Bruce the Juicer

Food Gadgets

March 14, 2016

Made out of a single piece of wood, ‘Bruce’ the juicer comes with its own personality and looks, adding to the juicing and eating experience an extra dose of joy. There is nothing that Bruce enjoys more than juicing citrus fruits.…

Write On - An Icing Piper Like No Other

Food Gadgets

March 13, 2016

Nothing is cuter than kitchen gadgets with a twist. We're loving this over-sized pencil that's a playful interpretation of an icing piper. ‘Write On’ is a creative and fun tool for decorating cakes, cookies, pancakes & more!

Spray on Some Butter Over that Toast...

Food Gadgets

March 12, 2016

The Biem Butter Sprayer is something to know more about. The load and spray mechanism allows you to insert a any full stick of butter into the product and use it as a spray in seconds without any chemical or artificial propellants, just heat…

Freeze That in 10 Minutes

Food Gadgets

March 08, 2016

Are you tired of waiting for water to freeze? Running out of dessert ideas? Dislike the terrible odor that your ice cubes absorb from the refrigerator? No more wasting time on ice making. FreezTHAT! is said to be the best solution! Re-thinking the…

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